Vivian Maier

Vivian is another person that I could just write and write about. Her photographs were discovered after she died. They are awe inspiring. Definitely questions came up in my mind of the morality of sharing her work, would she have wanted that, was there a reason she didn’t develop or share her work. Is it ok for others to do that now that she is gone. What would she have wanted. With all that said I am very glad to have seen her photographs. 

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Frankie Quinn

I met Frankie a few years ago in his old gallery the RBG in Belfast. Frankie is such a humble, friendly and interesting character. He is genuinely one of my favourite photographers and it was a real pleasure to call in from time to time to chat to him and hear his stories. Frankie documented the troubles in Northern Ireland risking his safety to record the crazy things happening in our home country at that time. 

Ryan Muirhead

Ryan has really inspired me, not just in photography but in his approach to life and how to treat others. He shares those things that most people don’t, his insecurities and his struggles in this crazy world we all live in. I could write for ages about Ryan but instead its probably just easier to look him up. His photos have so much soul & feeling to them, he clearly connects deeply with those he photographs.

Dan Rubin

I’ve followed Dan for years now, he is a pioneer of mobile photography and a great photographer/designer/speaker. One of my big regrets is not going on an ‘Instameet’ with him in Newcastle when Instagram was only a month old. 

John Free

John Free is a very passionate street photographer, he has lived and breathed it most of his life and it is clearly a huge part of him. Enjoy this rant. 

Kevin Russ

Hats off to Kevin, he follows his dreams, travelling the US in a camper van taking some truely amazing photographs on his iPhone. 

Chase Jarvis Live - Austin Kleon

The Chase Jarvis LIVE interviews are well worth checking out, this one is with author of ‘Steal Like An Artist,’ Austin Kleon. Other great ones to check out are Chris Guillebeau, Tim Ferriss, Ryan Holiday, Julien Smith, Gary Vaynerchuk, Brandon Stanton. Very genuine insights into some interesting individuals including Chase himself. 

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